Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Camp Na-Bor-Lee?

  • Google directions to “Speckled Bird Way, Fruitland WA.” This will get you about 300 yards from camp, just continue down the road into Camp Na-Bor-Lee.
  • Or click here to download a PDF map with directions.

What town or zip code can I use to check the weather forecast at camp?

Searching a weather site with “Fruitland, WA 99129″ will provide you the nearest weather information. Or click this link: “Weather at Camp”.

Is there a map or diagram of the layout of camp?

Click here to download a map of camp.

What is the mailing address for camp? (Also where payments are sent)

Camp Na-Bor-Lee
PO Box 8743
Spokane, WA 99203

Where do I send the deposit and/or camp fees?

Please send the payment (if you are paying via Check made out to Camp Na-Bor-Lee) to:

Camp Na-Bor-Lee

P.O. Box 8743

Spokane, WA 99203

What is the Deposit Due policy?

The parties have until midnight 14 business days from the date the deposit email with the deposit
amount sent by administration is received. If after midnight, the deposit has not been made,
administration may move on to the next parties in line, if there is a wait list. Additionally, for 2023
reservations made up to today, the parties will have 14 business days to send in the deposit from today’s
date (January 18).

What is the Cancellation policy?

If the parties cancel 1 month before the reservation date, there will be a 100% refund of the
deposit amount issued. If the parties cancel 1week before the reservation date a 50% refund of the deposit amount will be issued. If the parties cancel less than one week or fail to show (no-show) for their
reservation, no refund will be issued. However, if there is a natural disaster or weather related event
where Camp NaBorLee is forced to close, there will be a 100% refund issued. If the parties experience an
illness, the refund will be issued on a case by case basis and upon Board approval.

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