• UPDATE: Speckled Bird Way is a private road from Camp NaBorLee Road until the camp itself. The road is to be used by Board members on official duty, campers with valid reservations only and National Park Service personnel. The road is NOT for general public use. When accessing Camp NaBorLee, please be respectful of the private property owners and their property.
  • Reservations for 2024 will open January 1st. Please see our Reservation Calendar for 2023 availability and reservations. Looking forward to seeing you at Camp!
  • Great News! Camp Na-Bor-Lee and the National Park Service have signed a Cooperative Agreement making Camp Na-Bor-Lee the Interpretive and Education Campground for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area! This has been … Read more
  • The annual meeting for Camp Na-Bor-Lee will be November 15, 2023 at 7 pm via Zoom. A link will be provided closer to the meeting date so members of the public can attend. Please refer back to the website for the update link.