Great News!

Camp Na-Bor-Lee and the National Park Service have signed a Cooperative Agreement making Camp Na-Bor-Lee the Interpretive and Education Campground for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area! This has been a long process and we are very excited about the changes that are coming and the future of Camp Na-Bor-Lee. Our new role with the National Park Service sets Camp Na-Bor-Lee apart from all other campgrounds in our region and provides the setting for interpretive and education programs that has not been present in the past.

Back to our origin. While there are many changes that will be happening at Camp Na-Bor-Lee we are really getting back to our roots. Camp Na-Bor-Lee was established in 1960 with the vision of being a campground that was a place for kids, organizations, and families to come and learn about the outdoors. This is exactly what we hope to do as we move forward.

What does this mean? When you come to Camp Na-Bor-Lee you will be camping at a park that has programs and activities that support learning about camping, the environment, the National Park Service, and the Lake Roosevelt area. Camping at Camp Na-Bor-Lee is more than recreation, it is about teaching and learning about the environment.

What does that look like? For this first year, there will be both presented programs offered, as well as themed backpacks for independent learning. Each group will participate in a presentation from the National Park Service Leave No Trace program as well as a brief history of the Lake Roosevelt and Grand Coulee Dam area. Backpacks will have themes ranging from Frog Life Cyles and Animal Tracks to GPS and Orienteering. National Park Service Interpretive Rangers may also be available for presentations for interested groups.

What if this is not what you are looking for in a campground? We know that the changes and new requirements may not provide the camping experience that you are used to and/or be looking for. Luckily, the National Park Service has over 20 beautiful campgrounds up and down Lake Roosevelt that could provide the camping experience you may be more accustomed to.

We need to hear from you! To provide the best camping and learning experience we need to know more about each group. Attached you will find a Reservation Request Form. Please fill this form out and let us know your environmental education plans, your needs or requests, as well as if you would like to be considered for offering a program during your stay (Are you an expert fisherman? Great at tracking animals? An astronomy enthusiast?) We know many of you have a wealth of knowledge you could share. Again, Camp Na-Bor-Lee, as an interpretive and education park is about learning and teaching.